I'm NOT White, and You're NOT Black

Let me start by saying that race is a social construct. Race, not culture, was created to reinforce the superiority of "White" people. I mean, let's be real: it does not even make sense. I have never seen a truly white person except for the vampires of olden days when makeup art was in its infant stages. #thinkaboutit

In the wake of #blacklivesmatter, I have been doing a lot of freelance writing regarding race, and I want to talk about it. So, I am starting this blog as a series on things that I learn. I want to share these in hopes of affecting race equity. I believe that we have to have conversations and dialogue in order to get to a better understanding of how everyone can make changes and create a more equitable world.

Goals of this blog:

1. Clear up misconceptions about race

2. Start a REAL and productive conversation about race and ending racism

3. Find ANSWERS for how to affect change

4. Tell stories (because that's what I love to do)

Why me? I am not scared to tell my story. Many of us, as white people, are either scared or ashamed of where we have partaken in the systems of racism. However, this fear and shame is a step in the right direction. I was raised by a mother who is one of the most racist people I know. She used the "n word" regularly, and she did so in hate. Am I proud of this? No. I had to break my brain from being affected by her feelings and beliefs. It took me a long time to stop fearing people because of the color of the skin because she told me that Black boys would rape me. However, I feel that it is important for us to be honest about where we have come from. It is time that we start talking about how people, like my mother, still exist. They walk by you in the supermarket every day. They may even be the clerk at the tax office. They may smile in your face and call you a name behind your back. You probably know this. As a lesbian, I am fully aware that there are plenty of anti-gay people in the world. But, I broke free! I do not share my mother's feelings and beliefs. How did this happen? It was an evolution, but I think we can learn from experiences like mine to move forward. Mostly, I had to educate myself, and I am still learning. That's why I'm up for the job.

Have something you want to ask or want to give feedback? Feel free to email me: juliestillrolin@gmail.com

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