Coming Out in the South

In Coming Out in the South: Going from Fear & Frustration to Courage & Confidence, Julie shares stories of hope as she presents how she overcame the pain & struggles of being disowned, discriminated against, & torn down for embracing her true identity. See how change is possible even in the darkest situations.  


There are moments in life that I seek to make changes in my life and watch out for a book like this. Though what the author had gone through wasn't a replica of mine, the sincere, at times funny, depictions of the author's memories was a nice revelation. This book is no sweet talk, get ready to be hammered with some serious stuff on life. I believe the book will be a mirror to many who are living through similar experiences and yet suffer through them in silence. May we all evolve in the end." -Seden

I loved this book on many levels. Her stories were highly entertaining in a can't-put-it-down kind of way, but they were also uplifting, which was somewhat surprising considering the topic could have easily turned into a diatribe. And most of all, her stories are important. Although not told in a self-help way, her stories provoke self-reflection and encourage strength. This book is easily a favorite. I've already bought one for a friend (because I wasn't willing to lend out my copy!" -Fernando Vidorreta

I'm absolutely in love with this book! Such a inspiration during a huge life changing time! Love love love!!!!" -Katie

Book for Speaking

Julie loves sharing her stories about facing complex change with a positive outlook & inspiring others to do the same.   

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Core Themes

Coming Out in the South: Going from Fear & Frustration to Courage & Confidence

Despite much progress, I faced many difficulties in coming out as a lesbian. Overcoming these struggles equipped me with stories that can be applied to anyone facing complex change and identity issues.


Signature Presentations


Facing Complex Change

“Going from Fear & Frustration to Courage & Confidence”

In this presentation, I share riveting stories of being pushed to the edge in toxic relationships and situations and how I crawled out of them to find and embrace my identity. Take-aways: Recognizing the need for change, taking the steps, and learning to thrive on the other side.

Embracing Identity

“Silly Girl, Splits Are for Drag Queens: Finding the Path that Is Right for You”

We often get distracted by what others are doing, but smart entrepreneurs know that being excellent at one thing is better than being mediocre at many. In this speech, I tell the story of how I finally focused on my talent to become a successful entrepreneur. Take-aways: avoiding shiny objects, finding your skill, & making it work for you.

Contact: (850)530-8088


Anyone can quickly ascertain that Mrs. Still-Rolin is someone that you most definitely want to hire and work alongside. Her delightful demeanor and absolute professionalism are a perfect combination to help anyone and any event or activity be a complete success from beginning to end!" -David Newton, President, Stamped Film Festival

Julie is able to capture and connect with each member of her audience within minutes. Her persona demonstrates confidence, beauty, humor, and intelligence all while remaining humble. I am not a member of the LGBTQ community, but the message that Julie delivers is beneficial for every personality, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. I recently attended one of her events where she ignited self-worth, self-love, and confidence in me." -Emily Simmons, RDMS, RVT Regional Director of Ultrasound

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