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Evolving through Bullshit:

Getting to a Better Place Despite Obstacles

Coming Out in the South:

Going from Fear & Frustration to Courage & Confidence

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We have all had our experiences in life. I share mine to help others see that change is possible even in the darkest of situations. As a motivational speaker, I tell stories of embracing my identity and finding my voice as a lesbian author. I hope to inspire others to thrive as I have since doing so. 


There are moments in life that I seek to make changes in my life and watch out for a book like this. Though what the author had gone through wasn't a replica of mine, the sincere, at times funny, depictions of the author's memories was a nice revelation. This book is no sweet talk, get ready to be hammered with some serious stuff on life. I believe the book will be a mirror to many who are living through similar experiences and yet suffer through them in silence. May we all evolve in the end."


I loved this book on many levels. Her stories were highly entertaining in a can't-put-it-down kind of way, but they were also uplifting, which was somewhat surprising considering the topic could have easily turned into a diatribe. And most of all, her stories are important. Although not told in a self-help way, her stories provoke self-reflection and encourage strength. This book is easily a favorite. I've already bought one for a friend (because I wasn't willing to lend out my copy!" --Fernando Vidorreta

I'm absolutely in love with this book! Such a inspiration during a huge life changing time! Love love love!!!!" --Katie

Book for Speaking

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