Evolving through Bullshit:

Getting to a Better Place Despite Obstacles

What if...you could get out of that toxic relationship?

What if...you could change your money story? 

What if...you could free yourself from grief?

What if...you could learn to control your emotions?

What if...you could finally become your true self?

I share how I did all of this in my book:

Coming Out in the South:

Going from Fear & Frustration to Courage & Confidence

Get your copy here:


There are moments in life that I seek to make changes in my life and watch out for a book like this. Though what the author had gone through wasn't a replica of mine, the sincere, at times funny, depictions of the author's memories was a nice revelation. This book is no sweet talk, get ready to be hammered with some serious stuff on life. I believe the book will be a mirror to many who are living through similar experiences and yet suffer through them in silence. May we all evolve in the end." --Seden

This book is a real eye-opener. Anyone who may be ready to make changes in their life should look at things this way. I especially loved the decision scale as a way to switch your perspective. And, the stories were hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time!!! The way the author delivers her powerful message gives me chills and I encourage everybody to read this book. All in all, this book is a new and improved self-help." --CutiePie

I'm absolutely in love with this book! Such a inspiration during a huge life changing time! Love love love!!!!" --Katie

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